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I thought this conference was extraordinary. Personally, history is not my forte but he explained it in such an effective way. The sources we looked at were really interesting and thought-provoking. I will find this introduction so useful next year. I really liked the personal stories and testimonies. (Gabriella)

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During the conference, I was given a really valuable insight into the dynamics of the French Résistance. Although the information was given in real depth, it was made very easy to understand. I thought the interviews Mr Pike played provided a really good insight into the day-to-day life of these people. They made the events seem more real, more personal and therefore easier to understand. The documents provided were interesting as a springboard for discussion. Thank you! I feel much better equipped for the topic that we shall be studying next year (Bea)

It was a very insightful presentation with a lot of facts but also many personal testimonies, which made the whole thing feel very special and unique. (Cristian)

Usually, I am not interested in history but Rob Pike’s conference was very engaging as he was so passionate about his topic. I think that the handouts and the presentation were done in such a way that they made the topic enjoyable and easy to understand.  (Elise)

I thought that Rob Pike’s presentation was very engaging and left me thinking about this period of history. It was very clear. Everything was explained in such a way that it made sense, although I did not know anything about this topic at the start. He was clearly very passionate about his topic and this also made it even more enjoyable. I liked listening to his recorded interviews: hearing the stories from real people was fascinating! (Evie)

The conference was very interesting. It was a multi-dimensional and very informative view of the Résistance, without excessive focus on dates and timelines, which would have made it less interesting. The varied views and attitudes towards the Résistance were very well explained and it contextualised these events really well.  (Ullyana)


It was a great learning experience! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will help me so much with my understanding of this topic next year. (Maria)   

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